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Dryfree is a technical solutions company, about member of the company's shareholders,3/4 is technical engineer, they have extensive experience in various related fields. With heat pump products technology, solar energy products technology, engineering equipment automation technology, etc.Solar energy heat pump system is a comprehensive technology field, is the product and equipment design, operation, heat utilization calculation such as the comprehensive utilization of various techniques, to achieve the optimal effect.

Dryfree is a provider who attaches great importance to technology, attaches great importance to the innovation of engineering culture, and to provide professional technology solutions.It is a provide who focus on the integration of solar energy and heat pump energy saving drying solution.



Northwestern polytechnical university——Bachelor of engineering
Huazhong university of science and technology——Master of business administration(MBA)
Wuhan university of technology——Bachelor of engineering
Was born in November 1968, Mianyang, Sichuan province.
In 1992, graduated from northwestern polytechnical university institute of mechanical design.
Independent research and development 85 degrees series high temperature air source heat pump, high temperature water source heat pump, solar high temperature heat pump, high-temperature heat pump steam system. Won several national patents.
Actively explore the industrial use of high temperature heat pump, in areas such as high temperature heat pump hot water, high temperature heat pump drying, high temperature heat pump steam system . Especially in areas promotion of industrialization,such as tobacco baking, sewage sludge drying , agricultural products drying, electroplating and chrome thermostatic drying, industrial waste heat recovery,achieve good economic and social benefits.
  Was born in August 1975, in Mianyang, Sichuan province.
In 1998, graduated from wuhan university of technology institute of turbine power.
He graduated from huazhong university of science and technology in 2005, the institute of business administration.
Committed to the corporate strategy, marketing, operations, such as practice and research, are good at branding, marketing and channel construction.
A thorough understanding of China's environmental protection energy conservation industry development trend and market potential. Committed to the high temperature heat pump technology and product development innovation; Focus on the company's products and services of specialized construction; Create "yong is dubious" brand; Make permanent dubious company truly become a based on technological innovation, with high quality products and professional services to win customer trust and respect of the high-tech enterprises.








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